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Maintenance and Repair Service

Northern Toyotalift Service Department has:
• Toyota Trained Gold / Silver / Bronze Level Service Technicians.
• Many years of forklift experience to help you with your forklift service requirements.
• Our shop facility is fully staffed with the necessary personnel and equipment to ensure a quick return lead time.
• Cell dispatched service vehicles to provide a quick response to your breakdown needs.
• We guarantee our work, and take pride in maintaining your equipment for maximum productivity.
• A custom tailored "Planned Maintenance Program" can be developed to satisfy your specific forklift service requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Planned Maintenance?
Planned Maintenance is a program of regularly scheduled routine inspections and upkeep with the object of lessening the chances for catastrophic failure.

How often does my forklift need a Planned Maintenance service?
It is recommended in intervals of every 30 to 90 days or 100 hours based on truck usage and application.

What is checked in a Planned Maintenance service agreement?
It is a 72-point, 125 function check-up. We Check:
• The Mast and Attachments
• The Drive Train
• The Engine Compartment (including fluids & filters)
• The Electrical System
• The Brakes
• The Hydraulics
• The Steering System
• Appearance (safety and cosmetic) (These points will vary based on truck class and type i.e. gas, electric, LP)

If I have several forklifts, how will I know when it's time for my scheduled Planned Maintenance
Northern Toyotalift's Service Department will call you to schedule your next Planned Maintenance. We will set up a date and time to service your entire fleet, be it one or multiple trucks. Our work schedule is based around your production load and internal usage per forklift.

How long is my Planned Maintenance service contract for?
Keep in mind that this is an agreement and not a contract and can be changed or modified at any time with no penalty. Northern Toyotalift strives for total customer satisfaction. If we do not meet or exceed your expectations please contact your CSS Representative or our Service Department Manager.

Will any other work be performed other than the Planned Maintenance
Any work outside the standard Planned Maintenance program will be noted on the work sheet. Any major repairs will be quoted accordingly. Minor repairs could or would be repaired based on approval only.

If service work is performed will I have any warranty?
Any service work performed beyond the Planned Maintenance program carries a 90-day warranty on both service and parts.

Can I receive a record of the service performed on my forklift?
A record of the work order is presented upon completion for the reference and signature. It also acts as a hard copy of problem areas or other services that need to be performed.